Wednesday, 19 December 2007


Any teacher will tell you how exhausted they feel at the end of term. It's not necessarily physical: mental exhaustion forms a large component. A term of giving of oneself, of pouring out into students leaves its toll.

I am always surprised at how long it takes me to 'recover' - even if I don't feel particularly tired. This time, it took the form of indecisiveness. Of course, my Christmas 'to do' list is added to the usual list of end of term tasks - tidying up, essential cleaning that falls by the wayside in the last week of term, and so on. I have found it hard to organise myself - putting off the least attractive of tasks, such as shopping.

I've given myself little 'carrots' in the form of seeing friends: scheduling a meeting ensures that certain tasks get done first. Asking a friend round gets the tidying up and cleaning done, for example. Joy is sure to follow!

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