Friday, 25 December 2015

Kiwi wedding #10

Christmas Eve dawned cloudy, stayed overcast but warm for most of the day, a strong wind slowly growing in its insistency.

It was a day made for wedding planning and cake-making.

We all met together for morning day, going through Cat's incredibly well-detailed planning: a plan for the next week, itemised day by day with tasks individually allocated; a plan describing how each task should be done; and an itinerary for the wedding day itself.  With so much planning and forethought, stress on the day should be minimal and we should be able to achieve Cat and Andy's aims of God-honouring, Inclusive and Fun.

God-honouring. Note to self: be extra patient, extra kind, extra gentle... just extra extra of all those fruits of the Spirit which we aim to grow in our lives.
Inclusive: oh yes. Andy's family (2 welcoming parents, 1 incredibly enthusiastic and organised sister, 3 brothers and wives) have joyfully embraced our daughter and us and we find great gladness in our times together.
Fun. With so much laughter at every turn, it definitely will be. Even if it rains on The Day which, at the moment, it is almost certain to do. But we pray for only the lightest of African blessings for our two young ones.

And then it was cake preparation...more of that later....

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