Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Kiwi wedding #4

Despite Cat’s incredible organisation and planning, there has been a LOT to do. Shopping for ribbon and paper; wrapping up wedding favours which are doubling as place labels, so innovative; shopping for a suitable shirt for the bride’s father – Someone forgot to pack one... and all kinds of other ‘useful’ things. 

Cat and Andy have wanted their wedding to be God-honouring, Inclusive and Fun. I have lost count of how many friends and family are involved in the catering, music, flowers, electrics... even conducting the ceremony itself.  #spreadsheets #itineraries  #listsoflists  #somuchorganisation.

The reception is being held in a marquee at the edge of the harbour – a challenge in itself. Cat’s giftedness and experience in event management has come to the fore and everything is being planned down to the last detail. So far, it has taken us only four hours to plan the Day itself, down, in places, to five minutes....

Inbetween, we have chatted over cups of coffee and delicious cakes in cafés; discussed the wedding cake itself; and brought The Dress home. No photos, though I took dozens during the fitting. She will be such a beautiful, glowing bride.

And here we are. In Ohope, the Bay of Plenty. NZ’s favourite beach...

Despite a horrid, debilitating cough so thoughtfully shared by my colleagues back at school #noenergy  #constantcough  #tiredallthetime, I walked across the road to the beach.

Ohope dawn
Hedge veg

Ohope beach towards Opotiki

Ohope beach towards Whakatane

Jellyfish. At least 40cm across

Stranded. Did it struggle?

Weird agapanthus

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