Sunday, 13 December 2015

Kiwi wedding #3. Ohope. Wedding favours.

Still somewhat jet-lagged, we arrived at Ohope where we would spend a few days recovering from the journey, catching up with Cat, wedding planning and collecting The Dress from Tauranga.

So we settled into our bach on the sea front, enjoying the sight and sound of the surf, before going off to Whakatane Baptist Church this morning. We’ve been before and met the pastor.

The Rugby World Cup, I thought, was all done and dusted. Wrong. Yet more excitement when I discovered that the pastor’s brother, Ian Foster, is assistant coach of the All Blacks. #there’snogettingawayfromRugbyinNewZealand.

On our last visit, we met someone whose sister-in-law is from Guernsey and who went to school with several of my friends. #smallworld. This time, we reconnected with a couple who WE had met the last time but who then met Cat for the first time a couple of weeks ago, at her boss’s wedding. #definitelyasmallworld

It was a grey and slightly drizzly morning... so we worked on wedding tasks on our return. Making confetti cones by the dozen...and dozen...then decanting Kaitaia fire into small bottles.  Kaitaia fire is one of New Zealand’s favourite hot sauces: how fitting that Cat had chosen it as her wedding favours as she gets married in Kaitaia anyway. 

Then there was much chat. And planning. And trying out new ideas for table place only took a couple of hours to eventually arrive at some sort of a Plan... tomorrow. For tissue paper and gold ribbon and envelopes...and, of course, Christmas decorations...our first ‘proper hot Christmas’ since we left Kenya 15 years ago. Richard is more than pleased to be back in his ‘home’ climate once more.

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