Friday, 25 December 2015

Kiwi wedding #11 Christmas Eve

I'm spending time in the kitchen on Christmas Eve: a rare pleasure. Working in someone else's house never feels like real work, whether it is washing up or cleaning or baking. I am relishing the time to reflect and ponder while I mix and beat and whip ingredients together.

As I blend flour and butter and sugar together, working them into crumbs with my fingers, I think of Cat's forthcoming marriage. For her, two families blend together. She will no longer be 'just' my daughter, but someone else's wife; daughter-in-law to two others; sister-in-law, cousin-in-law, to many.  Our families are blending together in a unique way...

And my heart is full of joy as I plan and prepare: and a tinge of sadness as I contemplate the change in relationship, a finality as my daughter moves on to the next wonderful stage in life. Blended emotions, forming something as different as flour and butter and sugar form the sweetness of shortbread...

Meanwhile, I find refreshment in the view from our windows:

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