Sunday, 20 December 2015

Kiwi wedding #6

The predawn light is soft and grey, birds beginning to sing. Our last morning.

The weather has been warm and sunny: the sea warm enough to swim and surf. Yesterday we took kayaks onto Ohiwa harbour: Ohope beach is on a long spit of land protecting the harbour from the ocean, narrowing, where we are staying, to perhaps 200 metres wide. An easy hop with the kayaks into the calmer waters of the harbour. There was one other kayak and, later, four stand up paddle boards, on a stretch of water so long we could not see the harbour entrance.

There are few people staying in the houses nearby. A chatty dog, which wuffs and warbles as it walks along, excited to be out, passes several times a day. Occasionally people wander along the beach, perhaps one or two groups at a time. Sitting on the deck, gazing at the endless ocean, we are thankful for the peace and rest: we sleep with the sound of surf singing in our ears.
Mayor Island, 7am

Wave cloud over Ohiwa

Just after dawn


Ohope Oyster Catchers
 This has been a breathing space. Beginning to recover from the worst cough and cold we have both had in years - #poortiming #we’llbebetterbythetimetheweddingcomes

So up to Auckland later to meet the rest of the tribe: Jonny and Adele, our lovely daughter-in-law; my borrowed daughter Mags and her lovely Louis; Cat and wonderful Andy.  Ahipara tomorrow: whoop whoop! The surf is looking good...

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