Friday, 18 April 2008

It's hard to be small

Small means...
You get treated as being younger than you are.
Sometimes, even, like a baby.
You're hugged when you don't feel like it.
You're picked up - it's very undignified.
You're treated as a form of entertainment.
If you don't want to do something you can be forced to do it. (For example, I was made to go outside to play this morning. It was cold and raining. That's not fair.)

You try to make a stand for your independence, but it's difficult.
Most of the time you put up with it.
After all, every relationship has to have a bit of give and take.
Don't sweat the small stuff - put up with it unless you really need to make your feelings known.

Some tips:
A growl of disapproval gives a bit of a hint.
Wriggling helps sometimes.
So, occasionally, does snarling - but that's seen as very bad manners.

The last resort - and, this IS the last resort, only to be used when compromise is impossible.
The fake nip and bite.
Make sure your teeth don't really make contact. Perfect the art of the gentle graze against the skin. Just enough to show that this time, THIS TIME, you are not to be messed with just because you're small and that YOU REALLY MEAN BUSINESS.

Yes, it's hard to be a small dog.

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