Friday, 18 April 2008

Small to God

Just like the dog, I'm small to God.

But it's different.

God doesn't treat me as younger than I am. He loves me just as I am, for what I am, right now.
He gives me exactly what I need - if I'm feeling as helpless as a baby or have wisdom beyond my years.
He hugs me whether I feel like it or not, and often I don't notice the hugs. Which is sad - I wish I always did.
I'm still not used to being picked up. My pride protests - it is undignified. Things don't happen the way I think they should. What does that matter when God is taking care of me?
HE doesn't force me into doing anything - I have to make decisions myself, take responsibility for my own behaviour.

And how do I thank Him for all his loving care?
I'm just like my dog Mpira.

I growl and whine prayers of disapproval and complaint.

I wriggle sometimes, trying to get out of something even though I know God wants it for my best.

I snarl angrily.

I have even tried to bite back. Guess who got hurt? That's right - me.

Wish I could learn the lesson in all this.

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