Thursday, 10 April 2008

Special times

So where am I headed off to?

This weekend has been planned for a few months now. I'm meeting up with three very special women - my sisters in Christ. They are closer to me than sisters. We've known each other for decades, since we first lived together for a few weeks before departing to work in Africa. We have had a rare opportunity to live in close community with each other, sharing every detail of our lives. A closeness developed which has spanned thousands of miles and years of neglect.

We've survived weddings, and a divorce. We've survived not being asked to weddings (there were good reasons for that) and not knowing about the imminent divorce until it was too late. (We would have loved to have helped - but there were good reasons for being kept out of that, as well.) We are so trusting with each other that we live above hurt or injured feelings. We love each other deeply.

We are possibly more brutally honest with each other than with anyone else - even our husbands. We speak the truth immediately, no holds barred, completely secure.

This weekend, I'm taking two flights and travelling hundreds of miles to be with them. I'd go a lot further than that. It will be a very special time. I can't wait.

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