Saturday, 19 April 2008

More than friends: sisters

An add on to my notes about my recent reunion in Ireland last week. Here is a photo of what we look like now. 27 years have been and gone since we originally met.

I have searched and searched for my group photo of how we all looked then: I have it firmly in my mind's eye but cannot physically find it. We spent our days together remembering everyone else in the group, but without the photo I cannot be sure that we have named everyone. I hope we have. Wouldn't it be awful if FOUR people had all completely forgotten a person's existence?

Cath, Ann, Mary and I at the foot of Croagh Patrick - Ireland's holy mountain, on the top of which St Patrick fasted for forty days and nights. Thousands of pilgrims climb it every year in July.

At the foot of Croagh Patrick, overlooking Clew Bay.

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