Sunday, 4 November 2007

The Broken Nose - AGAIN!

You'd think there would be an end to this saga.

The scenario, in my mind, goes like this:

Nose gets broken.
Nose gets fixed.
Nose gets better.
Nose is back to normal.

Still only at stage two - at least, I hope it's fixed. It feels as if it might be.

It's just the getting better bit.

I seem to be allergic to sticking plaster - the good old bright pink stretchy fabric type which is pleasantly plastered (ha ha) horizontally all the way across my face like some sort of tribal face decoration.

My cheeks are bright red, itchy and puffed up.

The plaster has been eased off my face but the skin is still sore.

And, to quote Terry Pratchett: 'Itchy, itchy, itchy...prickle prickle prickle....'

At least my nose isn't. Itchy, that is.

So it must be getting better.

Mustn't it?

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