Thursday, 1 November 2007

A Healthy School

I had a meeting with my head teacher yesterday. I’m in charge of an initiative to promote health in the school. This is all aspects: healthy eating; physical health, including exercise and sport; the personal and social aspects of education; and emotional wellbeing.

I’m passionate about this: about helping children become more aware and more CARING about the society they live in.

Maybe we should start an Anti-Selfishness Society!

So I’m excited, but it is a huge undertaking. I need to get at least 8 other people on board to form a team. And I need to present it – in an easily digestible, understandable form – to the rest of the staff.

The head has earmarked a slot for me to do this.

Our last morning of this incredibly busy, incredibly hectic Christmas term. After the staff party the night before!

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