Saturday, 24 November 2007


When I was younger - not so very much younger, actually - I made friends and thought I would keep them for life. Most of them are still my friends.

Some of them have been around for more decades than you can imagine.

But I've moved a lot. And every time I've moved, I've left friends behind - and made new ones.

Now I realise that I do have friends for life - and some of them are on different continents. Nothing would please me more than to be able to spend time with them again. To drop round after work, or meet up for a meal. But practically, I can't. Expensive executive jets are beyond my budget. And in any case, my job wouldn't allow that sort of time off!

So the friends I have coffee with, or chat to, are those who are here with me - now. They are the ones I need and share with.

They are incredibly important to me. Now. Here. In this moment.

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