Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Weather wonders

What a difference the weather makes.

Yesterday we woke up to grey which quickly turned to rain. It seemed to rain most of the day. The sea still looked spectacular: white foam on a backdrop of greys.

Cycling home was interesting: I tend to whizz too fast, so had a 'skiddy moment' coming down one hill. Fortunately, I didn't panic and jam the brakes on even more but managed to control the bike without coming off it. (I didn't think my nose would be too impressed by a close encounter with wet tarmac.)

Today it is bright sunshine, sparkling sea, and the children I teach are in a much better mood. They're doing great work, creating a simple story book for younger children.

Some of the art work is outstandingly good.

It's great to feel so good about the weather, work, the world... Thank you Lord!

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