Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Football skills

I was on duty in the playground at lunchtime today.

The school is having astroturf laid down and so the children were confined to the small playground.

130 boys.

There was one football game and various small footie games played with tennis balls.
It was hard to know where to stand without being an inadvertent and unwilling goal post.

Inevitably, my foot met the ball several times.

Last week, in the 'Crossbar Challenge' I spectacularly failed to kick the ball anywhere near the goal crossbar. I WAS wearing high heeled boots at the time, and I DID try and kick the ball backwards - which earned a lot of laughs and a surprising amount of applause.

I managed several gentle kicks and actually connected with various moving objects. Two separate feet and one stomach, to be precise. The stomach was delighted.

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