Monday, 19 November 2007

Struggling through

The last few days have been so hectic and complicated! It's not the fault of my schedule - which is normally easily manageable - but of the people and the relationships in my life. Mostly, at the moment, my working life.

That's the trouble - and the joy - with teaching.

The relationships and the development of individuals are what makes it so inspiring and worthwhile. But people are complicated and sometimes it all stops working the way it should.

Spanners in the works.

Spanners are not just people's actions, but events and circumstances too.

I read Psalm 71 this morning.

Some of the words leapt out and grabbed me, shouting: 'Listen to ME. THIS is what I'm telling you. Now LISTEN UP!' Others were for dear friends who are struggling at the moment.

In part, the Psalm says: 'I will keep on expecting you to help me. I praise you more and more....I walk in the strength of the the Lord...'

That's for sure.

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