Friday, 2 November 2007

Fixing the broken nose

Back from the hospital after having the nose job. My day went like this:

7.30 arrival and check in to departure lounge - whoops, ward.
7.35 change for the fright experience into amorphous hospital gown and PAPER knickers. It took me several minutes to work out which way round they went.
7.40 started reading trashy magazine.

Digression. The magazines are truly trashy. Those beloved of my teenage years and youth are now 90% celebrity or TV gossip. Totally boring. When did we turn into this 'twitching of the net curtain society' with nothing better to do but peer into other people's lives?

9.40 went to boarding gate for final preparation for the trip. Needles and monitors stuck in and all over me, then that pleasant feeling of drunkenness just before take off...

10.25 woke up just before landing back into the world. Annoyed theatre nurse by asking all sorts of questions about the fright experience as he was trying to deliver me to the ward nurse. I should have obeyed the 'keep mouth fastened until the warning light is switched off' sign on his forehead.

10.45 after fright refreshments. Never has coffee and toast been so welcome. It was at least 12 hours since I'd eaten. I just loved that individual pot of Marmite...

10.50 visit from the chief mechanic. Apparently the damage to the nose was much more extensive than it had first appeared - 'mushy' was the word used. He has pieced it all back together tho, like a jigsaw. He'll take off the scaffolding in a week's time and prepare it for a flight test. I feel like a bumble bee getting ready for a trip to a luscious smelling flower.

11.55 exit to departure lounge, ready to pass through customs. Customs official appeared after one minute, escorted me to the car and drove me home.



Mama Mpira said...
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pollard said...

Excuse me! Customs official indeed. In that case I will have to arrest you under section 5 of the Customs & Excise Act for contravention of the requirement to pay excise duty to me!